Flowing yellow petals dance in the breeze as the sun beams down upon a green ocean. A snapdragon gazes up at a bright ball of fire, staring back at the source of its life. Flowers can be seen spilling forth from all sides of the plant, masquerading as summer stars quivering with light. The smell of awakened life fills the air and saturates the landscape with brave colors painted onto a canvas of words. It is a picture of freedom and unbridled beauty.

When the dragon flower opens its mouth to speak, strokes of encouragement and love venture forth into the world. A dusting of kindness here, a sprinkle of support there, a smattering of compassion everywhere the eye can see. A warm embrace and a smile of gratitude. Passion and purpose permeate. Life beckons and the dragon answers with a blaze of fury and flame. One voice. One word. One action. One hope. One dream. Burnt by fire and rebuilt by pain, foundation laid. Spirit stoked and doubts forever fade. One choice at a time. One change at a time. One tiny flower of hope at a time. 

As a girl I often enjoyed playing with snapdragon flowers. It was my mother who first revealed to me the meaning behind the name. Whenever I see this flower today it invokes a certain sense of beauty and mystery. A gratitude for the complexity of life and an appreciation for the order and chaos which coexist within. Knowing that just below the surface of a person there are a million thoughts, ideas, and unspoken words which await expression. This site represents a fairly unfiltered collection of personal writings from various moments of my life. This voice I am finding, beneath my own yellow snapdragon mouth.


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