And she set out for another adventure, and spring and summer and laughter were in her eyes, for her heart had opened, dreams burst forth.

The yellow snapdragon flower consists of light, airy petals which meet to create a mouth-like structure. The stem of the plant holds many flowers and when in full bloom they loosely spill forth on all sides. While vibrant and beautiful from a distance, upon closer inspection an even greater magic is revealed: when the petal “mouth” of a single flower on the stem is pulled apart, a “dragon tongue” within the flower appears.

I often enjoyed playing with these flowers when I was a child. It was my mother who first showed me how to gently peel the petals apart so as not to damage the flower. Today, the yellow snapdragon for me represents the beauty  and chaos that exist within. The thoughts, ideas, and unspoken words which lie just below the surface of a person. For no matter how we may look on the outside, each of us struggles with the same basic human questions. This site encourages the expression and exploration of these questions, via stories, venting, and a constant pondering of life. This voice I am finding, beneath my own yellow snapdragon mouth.